Incorporate into the retail concept and identity, La Mie Câline’s strategy as a manufacturer of good times with its signature ‘happiness is here!’


A new logo that emphasizes sobriety, pleasure, and generosity, while capitalizing on the brand’s iconic yellow color, two font weights, and a joyful image.

A retail concept organized around 4 elements: 
• The bakery offer, with the dramatization of bread.
The lunch offer and the creation of a real dining room offering 3 different atmospheres depending on the restaurants.
The barista counter under the name Café Câlin to animate the 10am-4pm break in a coffee - bakery spirit.
The Cookiz corner, which highlights La Mie Câline’s star product, with an Instagrammable bulk corner, and a wider and more varied offer.

Taking into account new omnichannel uses with order kiosks, Click & Collect, and table ordering via QR code.

A strong focus on eco-design: reuse and choice of more durable and recyclable materials (at end of life).


Strategy, branding, graphic territory, architectural concept, customer journey and experience, technical development, PMT.