pomme de pain


Create a new brand identity and a friendly and efficient retail concept, centered around sandwich expertise and made-to-order preparation


New identity, with eggplant as the corporate color (original and distinctive in the market), and where the polymorphic "O" evokes the shape of a sandwich

Transformed customer journey with a strong digital dimension to maximize efficiency of the experience: digital kiosks, click and collect, QR code for table service.

•  Made-to-order preparation staging, with a large glass counter open to the workshop where the "sandwich brigade" works.

Bright dining area, creating an urban atmosphere with simple and colorful seating and tables, posters on the walls, and a neon sign

LEED certified concept


Strategy, branding, graphic territory, architectural concept, customer journey and experience, technical development, project management 

en borne,
au comptoir,
À table.
À vous de choisir.